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Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate in Plastics & Rubber applications

PCC products are surface treated precipitated calcium carbonates specifically designed for use in rigid and liquid polymers, natural and synthetic elastomers. 

In rigid PVC, they act as cost effective processing aids and also provide valuable improvements in final mechanical properties. Surface finish and weatherability are also enhanced through their use. In flexible PVC cables, inclusion of PCC can significantly limit acid gas release on combustion. 

In natural and synthetic elastomers their use allows improvements in tear and tensile properties beyond that possible with standard extenders. 

Because of their high specific surface area and controlled morphology, they act as effective nucleating agents in rigid foam systems and anti compact additives for improving the handling problem of powders. 

High whiteness and positive effect on rheology of PCC are it's advantages in liquid resin systems. 

The surface finish of extruded profiles can be very important (especially in window systems) and the incorporation of PCC provides a high gloss, high integrity surface finish without the need for additional effort. The ultrafine particle size of the synthetic calcium carbonate and the melt reinforcement effects are the explanation for this observation.