Calcined Kaolin/ Aluminium Silicate
Calcined Kaolin is one of the most important functional pigment extender based on natural industrial mineral . Calcined Kaolin is washed and scrubbed form of anhydrous kaolin, which is processed under high temperature and pressurized calcination reactors. Particle shape and size, whiteness, hardness and electrical properties can be adjusted during calcination process. Paint,paper,plastics and rubber segments are main industries in which calcined kaolin is used as a pigment extender to save titanium dioxide. Very low humidity parameters, ultra fine particle distribution, high volume resistivity functions, easy dispersion properties, flame retardant properties, let polymer processors to save so many cost utensils, like carbon black .

Calcium Carbonate
Coated Calcium Carbonate
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Calcined Kaolin/ Aluminium Silicate
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC)
Flame Retardants (ATH & MDH)