1- TURKCARB® in plasticized cable 2- Comparison of fillers in PVC cable sheating
3- Use of TURKCARB® at high loadings in PVC
4- TURKCARB® fillers in PVC Plastisols
5- Begining Recipes in PVC Chemical foams 6- Fine ,Surface Modified TURKCARB® in White
7- TURKCARB® fillers for rigid PVC for
       manufactruing of window profiles
8- Accelerated Weathering of CaCO3 in Filled PVC
       Window Profiles
9- TURKCARB® UFC in PVC Window Profile 10- TURKCARB® UFC in PVC formulations for
       Injected moulded fittings
11- Usage of TURKCARB® grades in Polyolefins 12- Stabilisation of Polyolefins with TURKCARB®
13- TURKCARB® in HDPE pipes 14- TURKCARB® in MDPE pipes
17- TURKCARB® in HDPE paperlike film 18- Stress Cracking of LDPE with TURKCARB®
19- Knit Line Strength of Injection moulding of PP
       with TURKCARB®
20- TURKCARB® in Homopolymers
21- TURKCARB® grades PP block copolymers 22- TURKCARB® in Silane coated X-linked PE cable
23- TURKCARB® in Chemically crosslinked PE’s 24- Fillers and Extenders in Plastics
25- TURKCARB® in PBT 26- TURKCARB® grades in Unsaturated Polyester
27- Flexible PU foam 28- Abrasiveness of PUR systems with TURKCARB®
29- Influence of TURKCARB®on the volüme price of
       extruded & moulded parts
30- Flexible PU foams filled with TURKCARB®
31- Selection of right TURKCARB® Filmplus grades
       in PE compounding
32- Evaluation of mineral fillers in road
33- Effect of extenders on the tinting strength
       of emulsion paints
34- Durability of paints containing extenders in
35- TURKCARB® in undercoats 36- Effect of PSD of TURKCARB® on gloss of
37- TURKCARB® grades with low gypsum content
       for thick layer applications
38- TURKCARB® in full shade interior emulsion

Mikron’S has received the food additive production certificate for CaCO3 and Talc in 2009 respectively. Assuring environmental Management System standards, Mikron'S also made several additions to the its quality assurance system to safe hygiene standarts for a mineral company Within the framework of sustainability; alongside the efforts to reduce air, water, earth pollution and to enhance environmental quality,Mikron’S spends several efforts to shape the it’s production and systems.

Mikron’S focuses on Food and Cosmetics segment with upmost importance to produce very stable and safe products that considered as food additives under framework of E codes.

The demand for food and cosmetic grade Calcium Carbonate and Talc products are considered as active fillers or additives.

Food, pharmaceutical and personal care products require highly controlled additives. As a leading manufacturer, Mikron’S spends storng efforts to provide pure, natural minerals according to the highest available regulatory and quality standards.

In order to validate these efforts under a formal structure ,Mikron'S is taking FSSC22000 Quality Management System for its plants.