Food & Cosmetics

Mikron’S has received in 2007 the food additive production certificate for CaCO3 and Talc in 2009 respectively.Environmental Management System standards, and continues its sustainability each day by making additions to the system.Within the framework of sustainability; alongside the efforts to reduce air, water, earth pollution and to enhance environmental quality,Mikron’S spends several efforts to shape the it’s production and systems. 

Mikron’S focuses on Food and Cosmetics segment with upmost importance to produce very stable and safe products that considered as food additives under framework of E codes. 

The demand for food and cosmetic grade Calcium Carbonate and Talc products are considered as active fillers or additives.

Food, pharmaceutical and personal care products require highly controlled additives. As a leading manufacturer, Mikron’S goes to great lengths to provide pure, natural minerals according to the highest available regulatory and quality standards.