Calcium Carbonate as a vital mineral, has so many application fields in industry. Eventhough , there are so many reserves in the world, the best reserves which are almost the whitest and purest, are found in Turkey.

Mikron’S operating it’s own quarries, which are capable of supplying long term raw material demands. Quarries are located very close to plants, and operated by modern machineries by the company.Pretreatment facilities of the quarries are located on 350 hectars area.Operating owned quarries is very important tool for industrial mineral manufactures to control the quality and cost components .While Controlling the main parameters for production , preserving the nature is also important for Mikron’S that always rehabiliate the processed quarry lands into preserved areas. 

Mikron’S also started to operate owned Talc mines since 2012 in Turkiye.Talc Reserves in the country have different product speciications that give very good hiding power.Mikron’S will also shape new products with the help of different Talc grade supplies from it’s quarries.