Paper & Board

Mikron'S has outstanding products for paper application. 
 Provide cost savings
 İncrease brightness and gloss values
 Improve optical properties 
 Improve uniformity and sheet formation
 Improve printing properties, smoothness, ink absorption,   spread. 
 Improve stability

TURKCARB® Calcium Carbonate 
Calcium Carbonate started to be a very important raw material since paper process technology started to shift from acidic to basic processes.
Mikron'S able to produce even very fine calcium carbonate with high capacities to serve paper manufacturers to produce glossy papers.
Türkcarb products also tested and approved by global manufacturers.

Mikron'S Talk 
Pure Mikron'S talc portfolio provide runnability, productivity,printability, ink scuff resistance and barrier effects in paper productions. 
Our high whiteness and puriest Talc products with low abrasivity accepted in paper industry. Talc products with ideal distribution of particle size intended to make your products more resistant to barrier effect by protecting lamellar structure of talc.