Adhesives & Sealants

Recent improvements in application techniques and realising isolation importance in construction industry, have changed the direction of demand to construction Chemicals, adhesives and sealants. Mikron'S have shape the characteristics of their products to find optimum solutions in adhesives and sealants for today and tomorrow. Findind optimum solutions with special fillers and extenders in Adhesives and Sealants Industry is target of Mikron'S product endeavour.

Functional Products like micronised calcium carbonate, coated calcium carbonate precipitated calcium carbonate, Talc, Baryte, Dolomite and Kaolin meet the demands of sealants and adhesives market.

Mikron'S products are widely accepted from adhesives and sealants industry due to their outstanding performance, which are resulted from good impermeability effects, superior flexiblity performance, controlled particles shape and distribution.