Coated Calcium Carbonate

Usage of Coated TURKCARB® grades have many advantages in plastics and coating.

Day by day,more these processors are shifting to coated grades due to; 

  • Low surface energy, 
  • High Hydrophobic effect, 
  • To get easy and homogenious dispersion, 
  • Low oil, DOP and polymer absorption, 
  • Increase in mechanical properties. 
  • Increase chemical and mechanical strength, 
  • To get high quality surface and high brightness, 

TURKCARB® UFC has same particle shape characteristics as TURKCARB® UF, whereas it's surface treated with suitable hydrofobic agents which enables to keep high gloss values in solvent based paints during long period of time. Since surface treatment changes alkalinity of natural Calcium Carbonate, it also keeps oil acids in alkyd resins away from Calcium Carbonate surface. If this contact occurs, Calcium carbonate reacts with acids to form CO2 gas, that forms bubbles which create matting in paint film during storage on shelves after production.

The FILMPLUS range of fine coated calcium carbonates are the leading mineral product in breathable film applications for the hygiene, medical and roofing markets. 

TURKCARB® UFC, TURKCARB® 100C and TURKCARB®95C goods which are especially prefered in plastic profile sector and has low abrasivity of extruders with good surface. In order to get more bright and high resistance goods we use advanced technology developed in the world.