Mikron'S is Turkey's leading producer of high quality and innovative pure talc products, which are designed to add value to wide range of end products in plastics industries. Using of MİKRON'S Talk grades have bring so many advantages during and after processing. Some of common advantages are;

Impact strength: Adding of MİKRON'S Talk 5X, MİKRON'STalk 3X, MİKRON'S Talk PREMIER, increase stiffness and impact strength of polyolefin compounds at the same time. 

Low abrasion: Talc is the softest industrial mineral with a Moh's hardness of 1. Pure, chlorite-free Talc products give the low abrasion values which lead to a long tool life in compounding and extrusion.

Thermal conductivity: Talc filled compounds have a significant higher thermal conductivity than the virgin polymer. Heating and cooling are shorter, resulting in faster production rates.

Creep resistance: Creep is the changing of form or dimensions of pieces under load (e.g. under soil) over a long period of time. Pure, platy talc leads to superior creep resistance compared to other fillers.

Stiffness (E-Modulus): Talc's main function in polymer compounds is to increase the E-modulus values to obtain durable plastics like bumpers, garden furniture, etc... Pure Lamelar Talcs with high aspect ratio are the most efficient environmental fillers for gaining Stiffness.

Colour consistency: PP compounds could be pigmented in a big variety of colours. In order to be sure about sustainability of colour shades, the colour of the talc should remain during and after processing. High Lamelar MİKRON'S Talk-X series are tightly controlled and give a significant benefit to formulators. 

Nucleation: Due to it's high Zeta Potential, Fine talcs with a median particle less than diameter of 3 µm, efficiently promote the crystallisation of polyolefins, which leads to improved impact strength. Re-crystallization in this form called nucleation.

Aging resistance: Magnetic impurities like soluble iron oxide are removed by electromagnetic separation in the purification for MİKRON'S Talk-X grades. Iron, which is incorporated in the talc crystal (replacing Mg atoms), is inactive and does not have a negative effect on the heat distortion temperature.

Scratch resistance: Pure, soft talc leads to a better slip of scratching objects. Greyish talc reduces the visibility of scratches.

Reinforcement of rubber: The Nodular MİKRON'S Talk-SXgrades with high specific surface area will improve mechanical properties of rubber compounds. Also it reduces the gas permeability and electrical conductivity. 

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