Flame Retardants


Aluminium hydroxide and Magnesium hydroxide allow the production of flame retardant compounds heavy metal and halogen free, with a very low smoke emission and a very interesting cost performance ratio. Due to his peculiar characteristics, ATH and MDH suitable to be used with a wide range of polymer, thanks to his high thermal stability.

 Based on endothermic decomposition into Al oxide or Mg oxide and water 
     Cooling of polymer 
     Dilution of flammable gases 

 ATH or Aluminium hydroxide or Aluminium TriHydrate 
    2 Al(OH)3 Al2O3 + 3 H2O needs 1051 J/g Al(OH)3 
    Processing up to about 200°C

 MDH or Magnesium hydroxide or Magnesium DiHydrate 
     Mg(OH)2  MgO + H2O needs 1316 J/g Mg(OH)2 
     Processing up to about 340°C

 Highly effective / Achieve high level of fire safety
 Economical to use
 Environmentally acceptable & recyclable
 Maintain resin properties