Ultrafine TURKCARB® Calcium Carbonate

Ultrafine TURKCARB® Calcium Carbonate in Paint & Coatings applications

Ultrafine TURKCARB® grades will let paint formulators to save TiO2, while adding optimum solutions to paint chemistry without absorbing extra binders, with the help of nano scale particles. 

TURKCARB® UF has a steep particle size distribution curve, eventhough it consists of very fine nanoscale particles.Having such a vast number of nanoscale particles, let paint formulators to make a very smooth surface that enables light beams to scatter, with the same angle of approach.Having a steep particle size distribution, means less air voids which are responsible mainly from binder absorption. 

TURKCARB® UFC has same particle shape characteristics asTURKCARB® UF, whereas it's surface treated with suitable hydrofobic agents which enables to keep high gloss values in solvent based paints during long period of time. Since surface treatment changes alkalinity of natural Calcium Carbonate, it also keeps oil acids in alkyd resins away from Calcium Carbonate surface. If this contact occurs, Calcium carbonate reacts with acids to form CO2 gas, that forms bubbles which create matting in paint film during storage on shelves after production.


 Uncoated Ultrafine Grades
 Coated Ultrafine Grades