Kaolin has a general chemical formula Al2O3.2SiO2.2H2O with refractive index 1,56 . Due to it's flake type particle formation, Kaolin has important usage areas in paint applications. 

Micronising Kaolin while keeping it's particle shape type as original by nature will bring so many advantages for the end user, especially for primers, anticorrosive and exterior coatings.
Using Kaolin in paint film will isolate the substrate from air and keeps surface from external effects. Increasing mud crack resistance, saving Titanium dioxide and donating high hiding power with lower cost are other main advantages of Kaolin usage in paints and coatings. 

Using Kaolin will bring other chemical advantages like acid resistance in industrial coatings, etc... 

If any formulator wants to add chemical resistance with isolation and good hiding properties, Kaolin would offer ideal solutions . 

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