Our Talc Products are chosen as titanium dioxide functional fillers, reduce sagging and cracking, enhance matting and rheology. They improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion in anti-corrosion primers. The choice of talc product relates with your specific required 

 Nodular Talc is not soft or platy, Nodular Talc serves as an alternative to platy talc in many coatings applications. These factors likewise allow for better light scattering and thus better color in oil and better dry hide. Nodular talc often provides better film reinforcement but somewhat greater permeability than lamellar talc. Because Nodular talc isn't shown the barrier effect. 

 Lamellar Talc's value in coatings is derived primarily from its particle shape and surface properties. Although talc is hydrophobic, dispersibility in waterbased paints is better than solventbased paints. Because of its shape, platy talc can have a beneficial effect on paint rheology. It generally contributes to improved brushability, leveling and sag resistance. This creates a physical barrier to the transmission of moisture, thereby improving water and humidity resistance.